Light Therapy: Immediate and Cumulative Benefits

LightStim Elipsa and LightStim ProPanel

Our Director of Education, Amy Gardner, discusses the differences between immediate and cumulative benefits and how they relate to frequency of treatment, home care, and professional services.

LightStim Elipsa and LightStim ProPanel

Cumulative Benefits & Frequency of Treatment

Like most things that are good for you, light therapy has many cumulative and long-term benefits that can be seen as a result of frequent and ongoing treatment. These benefits include higher skin function, long-term wrinkle reduction, and improvements in skin tone and texture.

Home Care – Because home care devices make frequent treatment both convenient and affordable, this is a common pathway to cumulative benefits and aging better.

Treatment Room - As an alternate route to cumulative benefits, professionals often sell light therapy services in packages to encourage frequent, successive treatments provided within a matter of weeks. This alternative is very appealing to clients who prefer the in-spa experience, which is quite different from the hand-held or portable home care experience. Professional services generally utilize larger hands-free arrays that tend to promote more profound effects. As opposed to home care devices that provide a more localized and less sensorial treatment with a limited number of LEDs, professional devices utilize hundreds of LEDs that gently envelope the entire face with light creating more of a spa-like experience that is soothing, relaxing and evokes a sense of well-being.

Immediate Treatment Benefits

For those clients who don’t choose to go the package route and might only experience light therapy once per month or just occasionally as an add-on to their regular facial, light therapy still offers distinct and immediate benefits while encouraging the efficacy of other professional treatments included in that less frequent service.

Empowering the Skin’s Response – Essentially, light therapy works by energizing cells to respond and perform in a more efficient and youthful way in terms of increased proteins, growth factors, and chemical messengers associated with plumping, firming, defense, and repair – something we often refer to as “higher skin function.” Of course, this is a thing we want to promote whenever and wherever we can, including monthly and/or occasional services. What’s even better – because light therapy shares these benefits with other professional products and services, combining it with compatible serums, peels, microneedling, microcurrent, etc. provides a layer of support that optimizes immediate results and helps facilitate a better, more efficacious overall treatment every time and regardless of frequency.

LightStim Elipsa and LightStim ProPanel

LightStim in the Treatment Room

LightStim devices are well known for the many benefits they contribute to treatment room services. LightStim treatment stimulates the skin’s natural ability to counteract the signs of aging, works in harmony with other treatments for better results, and encourages a radiant, luminous glow that we all associate with a successful service. LightStim devices also help calm and soothe the skin after treatments that may contribute to irritation, like dermaplaning, microneedling, and microblading. Skin care professionals who offer these services tell us that LightStim is an absolute “game changer” when it comes to reducing redness and promoting faster recovery.

The Plumping Effect – In addition to these benefits, LightStim treatment has been shown to produce a temporary plumping and smoothing effect that generally lasts anywhere from a few to 24 hours after treatment. In investigations using the Visia Complexion Analysis System, subjects demonstrated a 45 - 70% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles after just one 20-minute treatment. Although this is a temporary effect, it is one that clients appreciate, especially when planning for a special occasion or event. (Note: For long-lasting wrinkle reduction, LightStim Anti-Aging Lights should be used as directed and are FDA cleared to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the entire face.)

Retail Incentive – Professional LightStim treatment also helps drive retail sales of handheld devices. After experiencing LightStim in a professional setting, most clients are sold on the idea of regular treatment at home in between professional visits.

The Best Strategy

We all want to deliver immediate results in the treatment room. We want our clients to love the result and to feel that their time with us was well spent when they look in the mirror at the end of the service – and we know from 23 years of evidence that LightStim delivers on this immediate satisfaction. Apart from this, we also want to encourage the kind of long-lasting benefits that can only come from a comprehensive treatment plan that delivers cumulative benefits over time. Based upon our FDA Clearance, as well as the testimonials of thousands of professionals, industry icons, educators, and end-users, we know that LightStim delivers on this goal as well.

Path to Success – To achieve the best possible results, we recommend using stand-alone devices like LightStim ProPanel or Elipsa in the treatment room. We also recommend offering hand-held retail devices, like LightStim for Wrinkles and LightStim for Acne, to help support the skin at home in-between professional visits. All things considered, this is a strategy that best serves your clients, your business, and your reputation as a skincare professional who understands the path to success.

LightStim Elipsa

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Patient receiving a LightStim Elipsa Anti-Aging treatment


Amy Gardner

Licensed and oncology trained esthetician, international speaker, author, and light therapy subject matter expert with over 15 years of industry experience.

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