3 Models, Infinite Possibilities. Designed to target the needs of your clients and your business while consistently delivering meaningful results, LightStim ProPanel is available in Anti-Aging, Acne, or Pain. Use as a stand-alone or in conjunction with other treatments to encourage the body’s regenerative processes and promote healthy, radiant skin.

Retail Products

These convenient and affordable devices utilize the same technology as LightStim Professional devices. Grow your retail business with technology clients love to pair with home care regimens in between professional visits for even better long-term results.

Pro Handhelds

Convenient, economical, and space-conscious, these versatile devices utilize the same patented technology as LightStim ProPanel for superior results. Available in Anti-Aging, Acne, or Pain, Professional handheld lights are a great way to experience the benefits of light therapy in your treatment room regardless of your budget.


This soothing full-body treatment helps promote overall wellness and peak physiological function by encouraging the body’s inherently restorative processes. Relieve pain, relax sore muscles, and increase blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body.