Results and credibility

Change the Skin on a Cellular Level

Pair with other treatments for maximum results

Paired with common facial treatments, LightStim produces quantifiable differences in the skin’s texture and appearance. LightStim devices work synergistically with other therapies to improve overall results and reduce downtime.

A client experience that keeps them coming back

Clients are motivated by results, but also love the gentle, soothing warmth and peaceful quiet time experienced during LightStim treatment sessions. More than a clinical treatment, LightStim is an experience that inspires clients to keep coming back.
Professional Testimonials

Kate Somerville

Celebrity Aesthetician,
Skin Health Experts Clinic

“ We incorporated LightStim because we wanted to reach different layers of the skin at the same time. Our goal was to create special facials using LightStim. We tested the Lights on our clients and received a phenomenal response! After treatment our clients experience a glow that lasts for days. Results are visible in a shorter period of time. The feedback has been extremely positive. Clients are noting a more vibrant, tighter, firmer complexion. After using LightStim I always get compliments from people saying I look radiant and beautiful– like I’m lit from within. ”

Professional Testimonials

Dr. Paul Nassif

Renowned Plastic Surgeon,
Host of E!'s Botched

“ Every postoperative patient gets treated with LightStim in my office. To help decrease bruising, increase healing, and help with redness. I personally use the LightStim LED Bed about 2-3 times a week just to veg out and decompress. I had a patient write me last week, thanking me profusely for the LightStim treatments and what it did for her. Her swelling decreased dramatically. Every time she walked out of my office, she felt absolutely incredible and full of energy. ”

Professional Testimonials

Shani Darden

Esthetician & Skin Expert,
Founder of Shani Darden Skin Care

“ LightStim is amazing, it has changed my client’s skin. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and creates more youthful looking skin. LightStim has also been incredible for my clients with acne and has helped to clear their skin. It has become one of my facial necessities! ”

Professional Testimonials

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof 360

“ I keep a LightStim LED Bed at my personal Biohacking Labs at home. It’s amazing what happens after a workout or when you just lay down on it. I feel a lot more energy, I look better, and I’ve become really happy with the fact that several times a week I lay down, listen to a podcasts for 20-40 minutes and I use the light on my entire body. I’ve noticed a big difference in just energy levels from doing this and it really makes a lot of sense when you look at the science. This is that level of care, and level of getting the science right, so you get the maximum benefits that I look for. The LightStim LED Bed definitely made that bar which is why I included it in Upgrade Labs as the light technology that we’re using. ”

From Our Professionals

Salty Life Skin Care

Carolyn Newell

“ I started to incorporate LightStim almost 10 years ago. The combination of wavelengths is ideal to use with any facial treatment, whether I”m trying to reduce redness and sensitivity on compromised skin after laser, micro-needling, treat acne breakouts or just looking for that “Glow”. ”

Skin Works by Jane

Jane Mann

“ The quality and performance is outstanding; always producing the “LightStim Glow”. One of my favorite treatments incorporates the LightStim LED Bed. Not only are my clients gaining benefit from the ProPanel, they can rejuvenate their entire body at the same time! ”

Nazarian Plastic Surgery

Nicole Jewell

“ LightStim works great in combination therapy. It’s safe for all skin types, making it the perfect device to incorporate into any facial. After a 10-20 minute session, the skin is noticeably calmer, more supple, and glowing! I always recommend clients to continue their treatments with the at-home device to see long term benefits. ”