Skincare Trend Forecast for 2023

LightStim Elipsa and LightStim ProPanel

The new year has started with a bang – there’s no better time to take stock of the current climate and look at trends that will successfully meet both business and client needs.

Treatment Over Time is on the Rise

Across all generations, people are investing in health and wellness more than ever. This goes beyond a financial buy-in as people are willing to spend more time and effort to achieve desired results, reducing demand for aggressive, “quick fix” treatment options.

Interest has shifted to a desire for non-invasive treatment programs and home care regimens that offer benefits comparable to invasive alternatives. With consistent use, there is an ever-growing range of devices and advanced ingredient technology that mirrors the body’s natural processes offering visible, long-lasting results without the need for downtime or changes in lifestyle. Popular choices with proven results include peptides, microcurrent, stem cell-derived media, and LightStim.

Remote Offerings Remain an Invaluable Tool

While many clients have returned to receiving in-person services, others have embraced the technological advancements that allow them to set virtual appointments with their favorite dermatologists and estheticians. Online skin analysis creates the opportunity to provide home care options for those who may not be able to meet in person for various reasons. 

Offering a hybrid of in-person and virtual services will ensure that the needs of both demographics are met and books stay filled. While it’s valuable to keep retail stocked for in-person clientele ready to buy, it’s equally important to work with companies that offer online ordering without minimums and drop shipping for a simple and effective process to serve virtual clients.

Incorporating “Add-Ons”

Once a staple of treatment menus, add-on services have become a less optimal method for offering results-driven services. With offerings becoming more complex, clients often choose options that do not fit their needs. Trained professionals can make the best decision for the client by incorporating add-on treatments and their costs into services.

Invasive services such as microneedling, microdermabrasion, and dermal injections have the disadvantage of extensive recovery periods. Bundling the proper modalities like LED light therapy that promote their benefits while calming the skin post-procedure will lessen any impact on lifestyle and create a better client experience.

Offering a Client-Controlled Experience

Licensed professionals know best when it comes to which treatment to provide, but there are still ways a business can offer clients options to customize other parts of the experience. “Smart” treatment room options are becoming more affordable, accessible, and customizable. 

Practices have taken this trend to heart by allowing clients to let their therapist know when they’re ready for a session to start via apps and allowing them to program their preferred music and lighting for each appointment.  It's easier than ever to give clients control over the atmosphere, allowing them to create the perfect safe space during their time.

Self-Guided Treatments

The medical aesthetics, spa, and wellness industries all have a massive need for more licensed professionals. Due to the demand for qualified treatment providers, it’s increasingly common to find empty rooms across the country. Self-guided services create a way to utilize this unused space and have become a valued solution to open new revenue streams.

Self-guided services allow professionals to market treatments to clientele that still prefer to limit contact. Businesses have found innovative ways to offer these services, including separate wellness memberships offered specifically for their use. For a self-guided treatment to be successful, it should be non-invasive, effective, simple to operate and provide benefits that speak to a large population. The LightStim ProPanel and LightStim LED Bed both meet these criteria and offer a broad range of benefits for the face and body.

LightStim ProPanel

This versatile hands-free device comes in three models to suit your needs – Anti-Aging, Acne, and Pain. The ProPanel can be used as part of a targeted treatment protocol to enhance results while providing a soothing and relaxing experience that keeps clients coming back.

Patient receiving a LightStim ProPanel treatment

LightStim Elipsa

Treat both wrinkles and acne with one device. Sleek, lightweight and designed to go where you go, Elipsa helps elevate the results of everything you do at a price you can afford. Promote healthy, radiant skin that glows from within.

Patient receiving a LightStim Elipsa Anti-Aging treatment


Richard Edward Maher CMT, LE

Richard is an award-winning educator, massage therapist, and esthetician known for creative solutions with a holistic approach. He is driven by a passion for delivering evidence-based training that offers innovative modality integrations.

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