How to Activate Your Account and Login

In order to access the new Professional website, you need to create a password.

If you were approved to access the LightStim Professional Website, your old password will not work. Please follow the instructions below to create your new password.

Step 1) Find the email "Activate Your Account"

Search for the email From: with the Subject: Activate Your Account.

The email looks like this:


If you cannot find the email:

  • Search for emails from:
  • Search for emails with the subject: Activate Your Account
  • If you still cannot find the email, please contact us here or ask you Sales Representative to resend your Account Invite email. 

Step 2) Click "Activate Your Account"

In the email, click the red button "Activate Your Account":

Step 3) Create Your New Password

Now you will be taken to the Activate Account Page where you can create your new password. 

The web page looks like this:

Type your new password in both fields, then click the red "Activate Account" button below:

Step 4) You're Done!

After saving your new password you will be logged in.

You will also receive an email confirming you account has been successfully activated from: with the subject: Account Confirmation.

If you need additional help please contact us here.